Body Language Quiz

Are you curious about how good you are at reading body language? Take our two minute quiz and find out what you already intuitively know. Then contact us to learn the science behind your intuition.

Question #1: If someone leans toward you when they say something,


If someone leans toward you when they say something, they are emphasizing a point.

Question #2: Can the way we stand and move our body before a test affect our performance on the test?

Yes! Researchers found that participants who power posed before a test did better than those who did not.

Question #3: Which man is this woman interested in?

This woman is interested in Man B.

Question #4: When we feel an emotion it shows on our face. Is the opposite true? If we mimic a facial expression, will we feel the emotion associated with the expression?

Yes, if we mimic a facial expression we will feel the emotion associated with that expression.

Question #5: If someone’s verbal message is out of alignment with their nonverbal message (body language and voice tone) science has shown that we believe their nonverbal message. How much weight do we give someone’s nonverbal signals?

The subconscious believes nonverbal communication 12 to 13 times more than verbal communication.

Question #6: One of these is fake and one is real. Which smile is real?

Image B. A genuine smile reaches all the way up to the eyes.

Question #7: You ask this person a question and they do this gesture. What is going on?

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This is the universal sign of shame.

Question #8: Which woman is more open to your ideas?

Woman A
Woman B
Woman B is more open to ideas.

Question #9: Imagine that you walk into a room for an interview, shake the interviewer’s hand, sit down, and proceed with the interview. When do you make your first impression?

You make your first impression the moment the interviewer sees you, not after you start speaking. You need to make a killer first impression to get that job!

Question #10: In a 30 minute conversation, two people can send over ____ nonverbal signals.


In a 30 minute conversation, two people can send over 800 nonverbal signals.

Question #11: What is this person feeling?

This expression is contempt.

Question #12: When we encounter someone, what is the part of the body that we notice first?

Our subconscious looks at the person's hands.